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​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  


Ryan and Elizabeth Groth (with permission, partially taken from a letter to the school, at Christmas);

Dear Porter, Malinee, Michael and David:

We wanted to give you just a token, compared to our deep appreciation for the work you've done with (our son) over the past 8 months. We got to talking about all the positive ways you have impacted his life, since his start at Jung Kwon. You're willingness to go the extra mile with him has been evident from the very beginning. You have not only been willing to work through his tough times, but have done it with patience and grace.

Recently, you may know, his Kindergarden teacher was removed from the classroom, and didn't return. I was so worried about that disruption for him, but he just said "well, at least I still have the Hughes' !

Amanda Viselli, College Student;

​I love that we learn practical self defense techniques, and not just tournament fighting! Jung Kwon is more than a school, it's an idea, and it's our martial arts family. It has been for years now!

Dudley Merrifield, Professional Film Maker;

Master Hughes is the best martial arts instructor in Asheville!

Georgie-Rain Figliola Alexander;

5 stars! This school is amazing! Both my girls excelled both physically and mentally from being taught by the Hughes family. Even my oldest daughter, who suffers from ADHD, has shown great personal growth from their teaching. Since we moved out of state, we really miss being there!

What you can expect to experience here:

Layne Galloway, 19;

This is a great school! I really enjoy every class I attend!

Student/Parent Testimonials - What we do for you! 

Dan Cook, District Water Systems Engineer;

The kids and I practiced at another local school, before joining Jung Kwon Academy. The cost here, is less than half of what we paid at the other school!  And, we get the benefit of personal attention and training from a Certified Master Instructor in every class! My daughter is a 1st Degree Black Belt; my son and I recently earned our 2nd Degree Black Belts together.

Bennett Finkler, Social Services Professional; 

I've known Mr. and Mrs. Hughes for over 7 years now. We met at a previous martial arts school in Asheville, before they opened their own school. They are dedicated to the art of Taekwondo, and emphasize precision in movement, and self discipline, but they still make their classes fun. They create an enjoyable family atmosphere in class, where people help each other out, and are not in constant competition with each other. 

Through their small class sizes and close personal attention, I acheived the rank of Black Belt, which is something I never thought I could accomplish!

Thomas Bollins, Certified Professional Security Work, 24;

I've surveyed over a dozen schools in the Buncombe area, watching classes and trying classes, in my preparations to move to Asheville. I'm looking for a new home, I've decided that this is the school for me!

Master Keith Finch, 8th Degree Black Belt, President of the UK-GB IJTF;

This is a great traditional Tae Kwon Do academy!