This is another unique aspect of the training at Jung Kwon Academy. All students get the opportunity to practice their training in a safe, controlled situation/scenario set-up. This training is particularly effective in learning how to actually put your training into use in a split second. Over time many, many different scenarios are covered (including ones that students or family members have actually experienced for real, and many others that you might never anticipate, on your own).



In our program, as you master more of the concepts of defending yourself or your loved ones, the instructors will introduce you to new concepts - building on what you've already learned. We spent 3 1/2 years developing our training system, so that you don't have to! In a typical martial arts studio, everyone learns to do the same exact thing (whether they're 4 years old, or 64 years old - and 4 feet tall or 6 foot 7). Real life doesn't work that way! Here, everyone learns the same basic concepts, but each person is taught to excel in their own individual strengths. That means you learn faster, and easier. Which means you're safer - sooner!


Older kids get more physical self-defense training (as pertains to what they  might encounter in a public school setting).  They learn how to defend themselves in various situations, from the classic schoolyard bully, up to encounters with full grown adults.

We cover the rules of the public school system with them, so that they have a solid understanding of what they can and cannot do in school, in case of a bullying situation. Our training also helps them to understand how to use their physical anatomy to generate enough power to deflect an attack from an adult, and then to escape.

The aim of the program is to provide your child with lots of fun exercise, while improving their sensory awareness of their surroundings (at home, too!) and helping them to develop better focus and more self-confidence and self-discipline.  Kids in this age group also benefit from the program in other ways; many of them (most, in fact) start bringing home better report cards within a short time after starting classes with us.


Jung Kwon Martial Arts' individually tailored approach to self-defense training means fast progression, easy understanding and easy learning!

Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville offers high quality, personally tailored self-defense training for persons of all ages. From the littlest ones (3-4 years old) to the oldest, (over 60,) each person learns at their own pace.  Our unique program is designed to help you progress more quickly, and with less effort. On average, our students begin to master some of the core basics of unarmed self-defense, within their

first week or two  of practicing here! Yes, one or two weeks!​​

3 - 4 years old 

​At this age, they're just starting to be aware of the concept of self-defense. Children at this age level are taught balancing, falling and situational awareness. Our classes introduce them to the ideas of knowing where mom and dad are, while shopping; not running in dangerous places, protecting their eyes and teeth while falling, and so on. 

They also learn about reacting to fire danger, how to get out of fires, where to go to find help, following rules at home, and more.  They also learn to have confidence, pay attention, and follow instructions - all, traits that help lead to success in school, later on.

​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  


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Adults, and older teens that demonstrate the necessary maturity levels, will be taken on to much higher levels 

of unarmed hand-to-hand combat/self-defense. We work through various types of defenses against the usually seen street and household weapons (knife, gun, rifle, scissors and so on). You can also delve into some of the more obscure weaponry (nun-chucks, staffs, whips and so on), as an added bonus. ​​