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12-year old Daven, and Ali, cracking up laughing after making a mistake during self-defense training.


What about BEFORE I gain confidence?

And... OK, great, once I start learning to be more confident, then what?

Many competitors don't believe it - but we send you home on the very FIRST day, with useable self-defense training. Stuff that's easy to remember, easy to use - and often is just automatic for you.

We teach an art that was designed for military combat, 75 years ago. When they created it, the group of martial artists involved sampled hundreds of techniques from numerous arts, and took what they felt worked best - and more importantly - could be learned quickly. They didn't have 25 years to create world-famous celebrities, they needed soldiers in the field, able to fight, within 8 weeks!

By studying, researching and working on recovering their original system for 3 1/2 years, our Black Belt team developed something that you just won't get anywhere else: real, useable, learnable self-defense starting from Day One.

ALL the students in these shots are brand new beginners; Sage and Stacy are in their first two weeks of classes, while 6 and 8 year old Izzy and Winnie are in their first month. The things they're learning (using their own anatomy to their advantage, deciding when to punch and when to kick, and learning how to get into a stable position to increase their strength) are all things that many schools don't teach until students have been there for months or even years. One school we belonged to years ago never taught them at all!

Visit our Youtube channel for free at-home training videos!

Tough Questions -

What does 'Self-Defense' actually mean?

I have often seen people drop $300-400 on a weekend or two of defense training - and then walk out confident that they are capable of and willing to save their own or someone else's life in a serious incident. When I'm able to get them to demonstrate, they've usually learned 2-3 eye-scratch/jabbing moves, the ear-slap move, maybe hair-pulling, and usually half a dozen face punches and groin kicks. They almost always include using keys in your fist, rolled up magazines and sometimes a foot-stomping technique.  And pepper spray.

That's a good start, but it's certainly not $300 worth. It's not even $50 worth of training. At community centers and senior citizen centers, we give participants more than that for free.

And the fact than honestly diligent, concerned parents spend hundreds to get that kind of training for their kids before sending them off to college, is just plain frightening.

What if:

-they hit me from behind by surprise?
-they're way bigger than I am?​
-it's my favorite cousin getting out of hand?
-two people grab my daughter on campus and start dragging her away?

​A short course in defensives can raise your chances of survival, but it doesn't make you 'safe' - because like those 'what if's' - every single incident is different. Think of variables like lighting and footing: sunrise, noon, evening, late night, bright sun, pitch black, pavement, grass, sand, indoors or out, one attacker or 5... it's impossible to learn just a few things and then be fully ready to save your life. And then there are the mitigating variables: if it's a family member suffering an emotional episode you don't want to inflict permanently crippling damage on them - while if it's a stalker with a knife - you must do whatever it takes to put them down.

So real-life self defense can feel complicated, but we teach you how to handle all of those, and much more.

High Green Belt, Daniel, gets details from Master David Hughes on how to do an arm-lock move to finish subduing an attacker, to control the situation and stop a fight non-violently.

Teens Sergio and Alli, learning a new technique with Master Michael Hughes.




Putting your keys in your fist to hit them with is a good move, but not if your keys are in the house and you are planting flowers by the front door when they show up. And cupping an attacker's ears, hard, might well stop him or her momentarily - unless they're wearing a motorcycle helmet. And people don't like hearing it... but most hardened criminals have been punched in the face and kicked in the legs and groin so many times that they just don't care. And if they're high, it doesn't matter how hard you hit them, they won't feel it soon enough to matter, for you.

That doesn't mean it's hopeless - not even close! We teach serious self-defense techniques that can be learned quickly. Once you've learned them, we study the way you fight (your natural reactions, reflexes and left/right handed responses) then we show you more ways to use them; ways that work well for you.

You would think that's the way it works everywhere, but it is not! 

That's because it's a lot more work for the instructors than most commercial studios can commit to, and it takes a long time for the instructors to learn how to teach it, too.  At Jung Kwon Academy, it takes 3 years to become an assistant instructor, and 5 years to become a fully Certified Instructor.

We ALWAYS have senior ranked, adult instructors on hand. Whereas your neighbor can go online, learn 20-30 moves and then go out and offer 'classes' at a Community Center - our instructors have 500-600 HOURS of training, BEFORE they can assume 'Instructor' status here.

That means at Jung Kwon Academy Asheville, you will have hands-on, personal one-on-one training tailored to your own body, your thought processes and your own reflexes. All the time! Everyone, even the kids!​​

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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ martial arts classes reviews on yelp Arden Candler Asheville


Most people don't ever think of it, but the one thing you need most to defend yourself is...CONFIDENCE! And this is where you're going to get it!

You can't learn it in a day, it takes time. But once we begin your training, you will start noticing within a week or two, that you can do something today that you couldn't do last week, or you can suddenly do something you never even thought you could. When that begins happening, your natural instinct will be to be more confident, it'll show itself without you even noticing.

And guess what? The best way to win a fight is to stop it before it starts. Predators don't like people with confidence, they're looking for weakness to prey upon. All three of these students came to us specifically because they didn't like being so shy and quiet.  Now, Hope, Macar and Jimina are all forces to be reckoned with! And that's not rare here at Jung Kwon Academy - -

ALL our students learn it, it's one of the most basic skills we teach.

​​​A word about "Women's Self Defense Classes"

When we founded Asheville Self Defense 11 years ago, one of the things that bothered us most, about modern American martial arts... was the upsurge of expensive ''Women's Self Defense'' classes. A friend of ours had recently told us she had paid $350 for her high school daughter to attend a four-hour 'Self Defense Course for College-Bound Students'' before sending the 18-year old off to Chapel Hill for 4 years. That's almost $90 an hour!

That's NUTS!

First, you can learn some stuff in four hours... but you cannot learn enough.

Second, for $90 an hour, you could hire a bodyguard, with a car!

Third, since when do women need different training than the men, to defend themselves from attackers?

It's as if people expect women to only know how to do a couple things... and that's ok, because that's all they'll ever need.    WRONG!

​It's kind of like... ''stuff for girls should ALWAYS be PINK''.


All our female students get exctly the same high quality training as the males do -


Womens' Self Defense and Kids Self Defense has to be tailored to their own individual

bodies, their own abilities and ways of doing things; that's natural. 

The bad guys' body does not suddenly develop new targets just because the person they're attacking is a woman, a girl or a small boy! 

At Jung Kwon Academy Asheville/Asheville Self Defense, our female students will always get 'Complete Self Defense' training - not "Women's Self Defense Training''.  There IS a difference! 

And for less than $90, you'll get more than a month's worth of unlimited classes, instead of just an hour!​​