P.A.T.U. PAN AM GAMES, Portland Oregon 2014

Team members (2)

Junior Women's Color Belt Division Forms: Gold Medallist, Sierra Tilley

Junior Women's Color Belt Division Forms: Silver Medallist, Bridget Tilley

The girls finished with 4 top-5 finishes (out of a full bracket, with competitors representing 13 countries).

Sparring was WTF-style, Olympic Rules; and this event marked the girls' first time competing in sparring!

2018 Asheville Karate Open Style Tournament - Asheville, NC

Team members: (4)

Mens Intermediate Color Belt Sparring, Open-style: Gold Medallist, Tim Davis

Mens Intermediate Color Belt Forms, TKD: Gold Medallist, Craig Sandberg

Boys Beginner Color Belt Sparring, Open Style: Gold Medallist, Macar Dureaghin

Girls Beginner Color Belt Forms, TKD: Silver Medallist, Amaite Varela


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There's no substitute for serious training - and serious attitudes about your training. Sending you off to an event without ensuring you were ready for it would be a violation of integrity, so we won't do it - ever. And there's no magic wand that suddenly creates a champion, it takes work and dedication from you, your instructor and your team-mates. We think you'll like the professional training, the friendly workout partners, and the knowledgeable instructors you'll find here.

It might intimidate you to think of turning yourself into a martial arts champion, it feels like it would be a LOT of painful hard work!

But, guess what? You can't run a 50K your first day as a runner; you can't lift 375 pounds your first day as a weightlifter, you can't score 5 goals on your first day on a soccer field...

You start by running, maybe even just to the mailbox and back. Start by lifting a brick over your head in each hand. Start by kicking a soccer ball into a cardboard box from 10 feet away.  And you build on it from there, little by little. That's how we train you, from easy and simple, and on up from there. When it gets too tough, we teach you to back off and let yourself get caught up. When you're ready, we'll start you at small, local events where we know the organizers and can assure you of a fair and safe competition. As you progress, you set the limits. We'll take you as far as you want to go - maybe farther than you thought you could. And when you get too big for your pants and try to bite off more than you can handle - we'll make sure you don't!

In our school at least, serious competition training is very low-key. We don't run around screaming at you; there are no dumb, useless injuries, and no one goes home mad. Half  the time you won't even realize that you're building your competition skills, just during your regular classes!

At Jung Kwon Academy, competition training looks different every day,  because some competition skills are useful in real-life (reflexes, flexibility, peripheral vision), and some real-life skills are useful in competition ( patience, focus, confidence, endurance)... and we work on all those things every day.


Team members (1)

Men's Color Sash Division Forms: Silver Medallist, Gray Hensarling

Men's Color Sash Divison Sparring: Silver Medallist, Gray Hensarling


Men's Color Sash Forms Division: Bronze Medallist, Gray Hensarling

North Carolina State Games, Cary, NC 2016

Team members: (2)

​Jr. Color Belt Sparring, TKD: Bronze Medallist, Brinnen Shelton

Jr. Color Belt Traditional Forms: Gold Medallist, Brinnen Shelton

Jr. Color Belt Creative Forms: Silver Medallist, Brinnen Shelton

Jr. Color Belt Sport Forms: Bronze Medallist, Brinnen Shelton

​Intermediate Color Belt Sparring, TKD: Bronze Medallist,Phoenix Schlien Dellinger

Intermediate Sport Forms: Gold Medallist, Phoenix Schlien Dellinger

Intermediate Creative Forms: Gold Medallist, Phoenix Schlien Dellinger

​Intermediate Traditional Forms: Gold Medallist, Phoneix Schlien Dellinger

Competition Training and Advanced Training, don't cost extra here!


A small selection of the 200+ medals and trophies Jung Kwon students have brought home in the past couple of years, along with some action shots!  Most of these meets have been within an easy day trip distance for families to enjoy, but some of our students have traveled as far as Macon, Ga., for small and mid-level competitions. Our staff always provides backup! Every time a student competes (even if there's only one) at least one Black Belt staff member travels with them, to ensure they have fun, and get the most out of their experience. This support is provided to all our members, at no charge!

North Carolina Powerade State Games, Raliegh-Durham, NC,2018


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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ taekwondo


As you can see from the galleries on this page, our students do very well at competition events!

But, we are not a "Competition School"!  

Lots of our students never compete; and most of the teams we send to events only number 3 - 5 people! In some cases, only 1 or 2 persons in our entire school have exhibited any desire to go to any particular event, and we never force anyone to compete. If you like competing, we'll give you all the help you need. If you don't - we won't make you!

That being said; in the past 4 years, our students have taken 35 International, National and State titles! And over the past 6 years they've won over 300 regional and local trophies and medals. We say "over 300", because we've actually lost count! At many events, it is not unusual for our school to sweep entire brackets, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So, if we're not all that big into competition events, you would probably ask 'why', or 'how', right?   

It's because of our traditional attention to the finer details of our art.

It turns out that the very things that make you a truly good martial artist.. are also the things that help you win competitions! So while very commercialized 'tournament schools' train almost exclusively for events, and drop all their technical training and self defense training... we don't. Our goal is to see that you get more, learn more, and feel more capable - while having a lot of fun, making new friends and saving a ton of money!

So, rest assured, if you really want to compete and challenge yourself, this is the place to be! And... if you're more into getting physically fit, and learning some readily usable self defense techniques, this is STILL the place to be!

Reid (L) and Liam (R), fighting for Gold and Silver, in the Teen Color Belt Division at Spar Wars, 2022. Reid took Gold, Liam Silver and another JKMA student, Sam, took Bronze in the division.

NC STATE GAMES 2015, Raleigh, NC 

Team members (2)

Jr. Boy's Karate Divison Color Belt Sparring, Gold Medallist, Brinnen Shelton

Jr. Boy's Taekwondo Color Belt Division Forms, Gold Medallist, Brinen Shelton

Intermediate Girl's Color Belt Division Sparring: Silver Medallist, Juliet Purcell

Intermediate Girl's Color Belt Division Forms: Bronze Medallist, Juliet Purcell

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North Carolina State Games, Greenesboro, NC, 2017

Team members: (2)

Mens Hvy Wt. Color Belt Sparring, TKD: Gold Medallist, Tom Griffin

Men's Hvy. Wt. Color Belt Traditional Forms: Gold Medallist, Tom Griffin

Mens Hvy Wt. Color Belt Creative Forms: Gold Medallist, Tom Griffin

Mens Color Belt Weapons Forms (Japanese Style): Gold Medallist, Tom Griffin

Intermediate Color Belt Traditional Forms: Gold Medallist, Trace Harwell

Intermediate Color Belt Creative Forms: Gold Medallist, Trace Harwell

Intermediate Color Belt Sport Forms: Gold Medallist, Trace Harwell

EAST COAST NATIONALS, Elizabeth City, NC 2015

Team members: (2)

Men's Black Belt Division Sparring: Bronze Medallist, Scott Embler

Men's Color Belt Division Sparring: Gold Medallist, Ryan Hennessee

Men's Color Belt Division Forms: Silver Medallist, Ryan hennessee