A message from our Head Instructor,

5th Dan Master Porter Hughes -

- First Time Beginners

- Experienced Martial Artists

- Veterans

- Leadership Training and Development

First​ Time Beginners:

If this is your very first time getting the nerve up to walk out onto a martial arts floor - we promise you that this is one of the best places you could ever find for it. There's no yelling here, there's no egotism, no bullying, no drama, no stress. Our classes are interesting and fun. The training is serious and high quality - but you'll find yourself laughing in class pretty regularly.

There's something here we do very differently:

All of our instructors are adults, and all are internationally certified senior Black Belts of 2nd Degree rank or higher (usually much higher, most of our classes are taught by 4th and 5th Degree Masters). All our Black Belts (of all ranks) are humble and respectful, good humored and attentive. 

​You will be comfortable, safe and well-treated!

For backup, bring a friend, there's no limit on the $5 tryout package!

                                           _ _ _ _ _


To those of you who have practiced at other schools, we know you've heard it before... 'we're different!'.  We know, because we fell for it too. But you won't get a sales pitch here. Instead, we use palpable evidence - candid class and testing photos and  videos; allowing you to talk to our existing students without listening in... 

                                                                                                            and by letting you try 5 classes - for a dollar a class.

We have Color Belts and ranked Black Belts from numerous arts from all around the world who have all found a home here. Regardless of their previous background (Kempo, Jujitsu, Shaolin, Shotokan, Shorin Ryu, Aikido, ITF TKD, WTF TKD, Hapkido, Krav Maga...) all of them have found multiple reasons to stay here with us (sometimes for many years... in fact, our member retention is FIVE TIMES the US national average for martial arts schools).

So we're doing something right.

Your Existing Rank:

- You will not have to start over at White Belt, unless you want to. We use a system whereby after 5 classes, you and the Black belt staff discuss your training and decide where you'll come into our system. We have accepted many established Black Belts from numerous arts over the years, and each has chosen their own ranking path here.

You have a say in it.             

                               _ _ _ _ _



There are veterans, LEO's and healthcare pros taking classes here. So you can train with people who you can relate to, people who understand you. Go to the 'Veterans/First Responders' page on the menu for some no-BS, straight talk, Vet to Vet. And I come from a family with a long connection to law enforcement (my uncle and my stepfather were on the critical roadblock involved in the infamous Brinks Robbery shootout).

It's for honest information you can uniquely relate to that others may not 'get'.  And it's important for you to hear it.

                             _ _ _ _ _                                                                      


To maintain the traditional status of 'Academy', all our classes are taught by certified, adult, black belt instructors.

But they had to be certified somehow! To get to that point, all adults, kids and teens of senior rank get formal training and hands-on experience in how to be mentors and teachers. They get lots of time to practice with actual students following their lead, and an instructor monitoring their actions. And Black Belts are not called 'instructors' until they finish 130 hours of supervised training in real-time class settings.

Finally - We do our utmost to run a drama-free, ego-free training venue. If you're at all open to learning new things, or new ways to do old things - you will find our training curriculum to be full, rich and nearly infinite in scope. The facts that: our 6-year olds learn the same things as our 66-year olds, and our students who want to compete, do so in 10 different arts - are just a glimpse into how different we really are.

​Your opportunities here are literally wide-open!

Come in and visit, to see for yourself!

Porter Hughes, 5th Dan

Master Instructor

​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville​​

Hours of Operation

2024 Current Training Schedule:

Monday -  3:30PM Open Mat

Tuesday - 6:30PM 

                  7:30PM Advanced Class

Wednesday - 6:30PM

Thursday - 6:30PM

                  7:30PM Advanced Class

Saturday - 1:00PM


Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, is a non-commercial, formal martial arts academy. We offer authentic traditional training, but with modern teaching methods, to ensure rapid progress for our students.

The instructors at JKMAA are fully dedicated to our academy's stated mission:

To hold a reputation for consistently providing the most effective training environment, most comfortable class atmosphere and the best 1-on-1 personal mentoring we can.  And to be known, far and wide, for producing the absolute best all-round martial arts students, instructors and black belts possible!

Black Belt, beginner, lifelong practitioner or weekend warrior, whatever level you achieve with us here, will be something you can be legitimately proud of, for the rest of your life!

AWARD-WINNING TRAINING!                 FUN CLASSES!               


5 full, regular classes - for a dollar each!

No uniform required!

Families that train together, are stronger, healthier and happier!

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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ martial arts classes reviews on yelp Arden Candler Asheville

Martial Arts Schools - self defense classes in Asheville NC

The fun, exciting (and very cool) art of Chung Do Kwan!

It offers a more complete fighting system than BJJ, Krav Maga or Jeet Kun Do; while being faster and easier to learn than Sistema, Wing Chun or Tai Chi...

You may have never heard of it, but it's been around in it's purest form for over 75 years. The classical Asian arts it's derived from have been around for much longer (some of them for over a thousand years).

It's a military-use art, but Chung Do Kwan is actually designed to promote long life, and healthy joints. It has been clinically proven to improve blood-pressure, blood-sugar and serotonin levels, in addition to giving you better balance, endurance and focus. You'll find, after a while, that you have a new confidence in yourself, and are able to do things you never expected! And - you'll realize that you feel better than you used to!

Whether you're looking for the fast spinning, kicking and aerial work of Tae Kwon Do, the low strikes and kicks of Shotokan Karate or Shorin Ryu Karate, or the low, smooth circular movements of Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, or even the ground-fighting seen in MMA, -you'll find aspects of all those martial arts (and more) in the true 'Old- School" style of Chung Do Kwan/Oh Do Kwan we offer!



Daytime Sessions -

Monday -      3:30PM Open-Mat Time

Tuesday -     3:00PM

Thursday -    4:00PM

Saturday -     1:00PM

Evening Sessions -

Tuesday -                        6:00PM

Wednesday -                   6:00PM

Thursday -                       6:00PM

Tai Chi Sessions -

Monday -                          5:30PM

​Saturday -       10:30AM

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