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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ taekwondo

18-year old Justin learning to immobilize an attacker by wrist-joint manipulation. Justin left for college with a full sports scholarship in his pocket!

Self-Defense; Awareness- and Wellness-Training for Kids - They're more important now, than ever!



We don't do 'Babysitting In Uniform'. And we don't charge extra for Kids!  You need more for your money, and this is where you'll get it.  At Jung Kwon Academy, the younger martial artists learn, and practice, right alongside the older ones. They safely learn all the same techniques, but with the training tailored to their body sizes and structure, as well as their individual reflexes and thought processes. And the rate of progress you'll see is 4-6 TIMES that of a 'Kid's Program"!

15-year old Grace, practicing with her Dad. Grace was elected to be her church's NC state assembly representative. At 15!

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8-year old Izzy learning to use her lower center of gravity and a well-timed backwards kick, to put Master David Hughes on the ground. That gives her time to run for help (as any program would teach her) ... but - being a JKMAA student, she's been trained to give him a reason not to follow her, first!

AGES  10/11 - 12/13:  

These students need stability and confidence, as they move into new schools and new environments. Our program gives them the courage and self-assuredness they need. They'll learn how to be strong and confident, while still being humble, helpful 
and successful. The basic ability to focus is taught to all students, but this age group needs it the most, and part of our training helps them to develop their focusing abilities to a sharp edge. This goes hand in hand with learning the concepts of consequential thinking, and sequential thinking.

They'll learn to expand and use their peripheral vision (good for driving - that's coming along sooner than you expect!) and to sharpen their acute hearing skills. The reflexes, balance and flexibility that the younger students begin learning, now become useable skills for doing some awesome things you have never expected! ALL the kids in this age group that have attended JKMAA for a year or more are on their school's A/B Honor Roll, or Honor Roll.

This photo was actually gifted to us by the master of another school during a 2017 competition event, his photographer got the shot. When we asked 8-year old Finn what was going on, he said "They were nervous about the tournament so I was helping them not worry about it". THAT'S a role model!

AGES  5/6 - 9/10, the youngest students: 

At this age, more time is spent on developing good habits, discovering that they can be role models, exploring new goals and developing bigger abilities than they (or you) expected. Through traditional martial arts techniques (original Chung Do Kwan style), combined with our unique teaching approach our young students will surprise you with how quickly they learn and adapt. We tell parents to expect noticeable behavior and grade differences within 3 months, but in actuality, many families tell us they see major differences in as little as 30 days.

REAL Martial Arts Training - For KIDS!

11-year old Enrique doing combination stance/punch exercises with fellow (adult) students). Enrique is on Honor Roll. His 14-year old sister Ximena trains with him, she's a member of the US National Honor Society. ((NOTE)) - this shot was taken in 2018; Enrique and Ximena have since earned their 1st Dan Black Belts, and Ximena is still a member of the National Honor Society.

Here's a selection of success stories from families who have placed their kids at Jung Kwon Academy over the years:

EVERY child or teen who has stayed with our program for over a year, is either on their school's Honor Roll, or has scored their first ever straight 'A' academic  quarter, while studying with us. 

12-year old Jimina made US National Honor Roll in September 2017.

17-year old Bekkah plays cello in the school band, builds sets and runs lighting for her schools stage play productions, is a member of the Color Guard, and runs her own childrens' activities program at her church. She is also an Honor Roll student.

16-year old Baliey is on her schools Color Guard, is an Honor Roll student, and helps care for two ailing grandparents.

17-year old Andrew plays an instrument, is an Honor Roll student, and is Captain of his schools marching band. He's the senior kid student in our school. He is learning to teach, has become instrumental in helping very shy kids to get started in class, and is the floor/mat emcee who coaches the students during promotional rank testings.  Andrew  is on track to become one of the youngest Internationally Certified Master Instructors (4th Degree) in the United States, in a few more years. 

13-year old Juliet is an NC State Games Silver Medalist, is a member of a pro-am dance touring group, and is an Honor Roll student.

12-year old Phoenix is a three-time NC State Games Gold Medalist, and an amateur-ranked competitive swimmer, and an A/B Honor Roll student.

11-year old Sierra is the 2014 P.A.T.U. Pan AM Games Gold Medalist in forms competition, and scored a top 5 finish in her first ever sparring competition, at the same event. The 2014 Pan Am Games (In Portland, OR) was attended by 500+ competitors from 13 nations around the world.

11-year old Bridget (Sierra's twin sister) is the 2014 P.A.T.U. Pan Am Games Silver Medalist in forms Competition. She also placed 'top 5' in her first ever sparring competition.

14-year old Trace was born 4 months prematurely. He has Cerebral palsy and was bullied mercilessly throughout 5th - 7th grade, was failing school and was on the verge of permanent expulsion. His entire right side of his body was atrophied and very weak, and he had understandable anger issues. His mom placed him with us out of desperation in May 2016. In June 2017 we took Trace to the NC State Games in Cary, North Carolina. He refused to enroll in the 'special needs' groups and instead competed in the open brackets. Trace came home with 3 NC State Games Gold Medals! Now, traces helps to teach new kids and teens that feel awkward or nervous about class, and is developing the ability to read their emotions and figure out how to help them.

9-year old  Brinnen is an Honor Roll student, and has travelled to the big event twice and holds 7 NC State Games Gold Medals.

18-year old Justin earned a full sports scholarship to Mars Hill University.

14-year old Cole needed considerable help with physical coordination, and was very unsure of himself. In less than a year, he gained the confidence to enter, and compete at the Asheville Karate Open, in 2016. He took Gold in sparring, and Bronze in forms.

18-year old Hope came to us looking to learn how not to be too shy and quiet. She went on to earn her 1st Dan Black Belt, and is in college working towards a Masters in Science. She also developed a reputation for being afraid of nothing, frequently holding her own in sparring matches against visitng adult male Black Belts from other schools. She also has earned several Gold Medals at the NC State Games in forms, sparring and weapons forms!

AGES 13 - 18:

These can be rough years! But for the parents who've trusted us with their kids, the situation really isn't so bad. Teens here are often the upcoming leaders who voluntarily step in to help out when the adult students are busy helping young kids or new members. Several of our students have become quasi-tutors, for kids in their school classes, helping other teens with difficult math and science problems and formulas.

Many parents here happily report that their teenagers have made really good choices for using their time outside of class and away from school. Several are involved in science camps, some are doing theater programs (acting/singing/music or the production side of things), one has taken a position as an assistant for sports medicine on his school's sports program, and several have regular jobs (one girl works as an assistant at a nursing home and another has two jobs and pays his own way at home).

Many of our past teen students have gone on to college and some have earned full/partial scholarships (one 18-year old, Jacob, won a full 4-year sports scholarship to Mars Hill University). 

And you'll find that the Black Belts here will be helping you cover important things out of your reach; it's not uncommon for the Black Belts here to have constructive conversations with them, giving professional tips on how to qualify for and apply for the jobs they want instead of the jobs they've found so far, and more. Our adult student body and Black Belt staff here is made up of engineers, IT specialists, C&C fabricators/programmers, teachers, professional singers, artists, musicians and dancers, nurses and physicians, CEO's, Regional VP's and more. No teen is ever forced to take advice, but when one asks, help is usually available on the spot.