You might be wondering -

is this stuff really, actually FUN?!

We can talk all day - but the smiles don't lie!

Professional level, Military/Police-quality Self-Defense Training

This is REAL, personal, one-on-one attention; at no extra cost!

People who have practiced in other schools in the past are probably thinking to themselves... 

"It sounds good, and I've heard it before; but will I  REALLY, ACTUALLY  get personal attention from the class instructor!?"

Well - if you haven't already picked up on it from all the photos throughout the site...

here's the proof. There's no way we faked THAT many photos over 11 years! The answer is a very loud, emphatic 'yes'.

Since our earliest days when we were a tiny club, 11 years ago; from our very first short-notice 'pick-up' classes, right up to the Special Seminars and VIP Classes we offer today: Personal attention, every class, every day, for every student!

That's always been OUR promise!


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[ Beginner students doing warm-ups in one of the evening classes. ]

STEP TWO -  Intermediate Self-Defense Skills.  This is the core of true self-defense training. You will continue honing the skills you acquired during your first few weeks, and continue adding more knowledge, more abilities and more challenges!

This part of the training is so important and so wide-ranging, that you could continue learning new details, and adding new variations, for years! This is where you'll start seeing many of the Hapkido, Jujitsu and Aikido movements appearing. And unlike most systems, where everyone is made to learn exactly the same thing, the same way (men at 6'4 and 280 lbs or women at 4' 2" and 90 lbs) our training program tailors the training to your body, and your own abilities. So you learn more, and you learn faster! The best part is - it NEVER gets boring!

STEP ONE - Basic Self-Defense Techniques and Principles. Easy to learn, and interesting stuff! Taught by attentive, Certified  Black Belts, and experienced senior belts, and starting with the very basics (how to stand for stability, how to move for power, where the targets are that will help you survive or escape, even against a large attacker). Even so, because of our unique training system, you will be amazed to realize that you have actually learned 4-7 useable techniques in your first few days! That's something that often takes as much as TWO MONTHS in other systems!

Adult, Family and Advanced Class 

​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ martial arts classes reviews on yelp Arden Candler Asheville

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STEP THREE - Advanced Self-Defense Training.  The very best thing about our unique self-defense training program is that it

is tailored directly to YOU: your body, your abilities, your needs (work situations, life situations, etc) and what works best for you in the split second that you might have to actually DO something. Our program lets you develop at your own pace, so if you are comfortable handling one or two new things a week, that's ok. And if you're absorbing information like a sponge, mastering the material at breakneck speed - that's ok too! Your instructor will make sure you have the required steps under control before you tackle the next technique, that's only common sense; but when you do, you're ready to move on as fast as you want! The fact that Chung Do Kwan was designed as the single most complete martial arts/self-defense combat system on the planet means that you will literally never run out of exciting new things to learn, even if you practice for the rest of your life!

The Five Tenets of Traditional Tae Kwon Do:





Indomnitable Spirit

For your health and well being-

Old-school Oh Do Kwan (the civilian version of Chung Do Kwan) is a very cool art, and we are the only authentic source for it in western North Carolina! In fact, iin 2016 our first USKF Black Belt Hall Of Fame award was due to our efforts to revive the original version of the art, as it was practiced over 70 years ago.

Originally, it was designed to prolong joint health, improve body physiology, tone up the reflexes of the body and turbocharge the brain. Even someone in their 60's, or even their 70's can potentially practice this art safely!

As  people in our school soon learn:  no matter how sore, tired or just 'blah' you feel...  if you come in and do class - you'll feel much better - and quickly! Many people have found that practicing 3 or 4 hours a week with us, has had a profound effect on their symptoms of SAD, PTSD, ADD, COPD, poor blood pressure, daily stress, and much more.

For high quality, easily learned self defense-

The art was once world-renowned for it's fantastic fighting characteristics, and first-person news reports from the front lines in Southeast Asia confirmed it. There was no other art on the planet that could measure up to it, and the fact that Provincial and National Police, and Military forces in 142 countries around the world, still train in this original style of self-defense proves that.

In spite of all the new 'fad martial arts' to hit the market in the past 50 years, the nearly uncountable versions of Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Karate, and even with the new indie-blends of Muay Thai, Krav Maga and BJJ attracting practitioners all over the world... the real professionals have opted to stay with what works best, and the only place to find it is here, with us. Well... the only place within almost 200 miles!

You may be surprised to hear that even the US military's boot camp training program MCAP, is directly based upon old-school military Chung Do Kwan! And the Oh Do Kwan adaptation is such a great art that we can easily guarantee that most people will already have several usable defense techniques 'under their belt', BEFORE they finish their first three classes!

This isn't a strip-mall martial arts studio, and it is not a 'strip-mall martial arts style'! Forget about learning three, four (or five, if you're lucky) self defense techniques in your first couple of months... our 4 and  5-year olds learn as many as 9 self-defense techniques for their very first rank belt! And our more mature students normally learn how to properly, quickly (and safely) demonstrate as many as 15-20 useable self-defense moves just in their first month or so!

The really nice part of it - it happens so easily and subtly, and you'll be enjoying yourself so much - that you won't even realize just how fast you're learning, and how well you're doing!

Some quick history-

Even though, nowadays most Americans have never heard the name;  lots of people studied this art during the 'golden age' of martial arts (from 1955 - 1970), when new schools were popping up all over the country, and numerous arts were being introduced, one after the other.  At one time,  you could walk down a street in almost any city, and pick a different style of martial art to sample, every day of the week; be it Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, or any of many other styles. Back then, most  people who studied Taekwondo - were actually practicing some form of Chung Do Kwan, at least, up until Taekwondo was accepted as an Olympic sport.

And then it almost disappeared.

Over the next 40 years (1970 -2010) the arts melded, intertwined, and generally began to simplify. Most importantly, the self-defense training got weaker, and lots of times - even unrealistic. Two things caused it: trying to make as much money as possible, and training with the hope of getting into the Olympics. By 2010 the Olympic competition styles of Taekwondo and Karate took precedence, and nowadays, most American martial arts schools ONLY teach Olympic techniques. High kicks, spinning kicks and long flying kicks are always the menu special of the day for sparring, and super high (non-combat) kicks to the ceiling dominate forms and technical demonstrations.

It's very impressive, to be sure; and for those of our students who dream of competing in the Olympics, we will happily help you work for that goal. In fact, two of our students have already won Pan Am Game titles competing in Olympic format. But for the the rest of us (about 95% of the population!) that can't jump 8 feet straight up in the air... that DOES NOT mean that you can't do martial arts! Far from it, in fact! 

Our specialized training methods insure that almost anyone can do this! Our oldest student currently is over 60, and we have several members here that deal with Diabetes, Asperger's and even Cerebral Palsy. They each get special attention, and specially modified training, that ensures successful progress and a meaningful experience.

Jung Kwon Academy Asheville is the only Western North Carolina school that teaches all three globally-recognized Tae Kwon Do sparring styles (WTF, ITF and traditional). We also teach Karate-style sparring, and our students have competed in open-style karate events very successfully. Jung Kwon Academy Asheville is the only martial arts school in Buncombe County that offers such a wide spectrum of competition training.

Come in and try class with us, it won't be long before you'll be saying what everyone says -

"I wish I'd started sooner!"