At it's core, Tai Chi teaches fluidity of movement. This smooth, fluid style of motion helps you maintain your balance, and generate enormous power for self-defense, when you need it. But it's not just for fighting - the improved range of motion and balance, more flexible joints, better endurance and a stronger core all combine to offer you better quality of life.  It makes you safer in your everyday life: walking your dog in the rain, carrying heavy groceries, gardening work, or climbing slippery stairs.

Our program is taught by Mark Gill. Mr. Gill holds black belts in several arts, and has travelled, trained and lived internationally over the years. He is a certified instructor in American Kempo and Tai Chi Chuan, and is very close to earning his Instructor Certification in traditional Oh Do Kwan/Chung Do Kwan here at Jung Kwon Academy.

His classes are fun and interesting, and his style of teaching is different than what many people have experienced in searching out Tai Chi programs. You won't spend 15 hours trying to learn the first 3 moves to perfection, and you won't have to rush along, trying to keep up with an instructor who seems to be just doing their own exercise session.

You'll make constant progress, and be able to see your own improvement from week to week. You'll be able to review things that you don't quite get, and you'll learn how the moves you're practicing also lend themselves to self-defense situations.

​It'll be fun!

Jung Kwon Academy offers a variety of free on-line resources to the community at-large. We started during the Covid lockdown when all area martial arts schools were shut down for months... and we never stopped!

Between our Facebook page (Jung Kwon Martial Arts) and our channel (search for 'Asheville Self Defense' or just follow the link below), there are several hours of free videos for your use, from conditioning exercises, to forms how-to's and even complete mini-classes!


Just what you were looking for - quiet,  relaxed classes, in small groups!

​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

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Special Introductory Offer!

Get two full, regular classes for just $10!

We're registering spots for classes beginning in August. Call us at 828-400-2889,  or go to  the email form on our 'Contacts' page.

Since the Tai Chi program operates under the same rules as our self-defense program, and is run by one of the adult, certified instructors on our staff - you get all the same friendly treatment and great values as our traditional-program students.

Students practice here free from egos, drama or macho attitudes. All students get the same training, there are no short-cuts in the quality of instruction we provide for kids or seniors. You can be confident in the knowledge that our staff will take care of you to the absolute best of their abilities, and insure that you get the quality of instruction that you deserve.

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If you're looking for an excellent fitness program that offers something more valuable than just hanging out at a gym, but doesn't involve the vigorous activity of a traditional self-defense class, you're in the right place!

We offer a separate Tai Chi program that you can use, with or without being part of our traditional self-defense program. And as always, our prices are excellent, the training atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and class is run by an experienced and personable, adult instructor.

Tai Chi offers you a calmer, quieter method of improving your:




Core Strength

Mental Accuity

Emotional Calm

There are several different 'forms' in Tai Chi that range from 24-88 movements; our program teaches the 24-movement form.

It takes most students about a year to learn the entire form (depending on how often you come to class!), but you can spend many years practicing and perfecting it, or just enjoying it for your morning workout a few times a week.

All over China and Southeast Asia, you can find literally millions of people out early in the morning coolness, doing their Tai Chi exercises in the local parks; practicing in pairs, groups or by themselves.  It's a great way to keep in shape!