Chung Do Kwan, is unique, in that it uses the best techniques of over a dozen Asian martial arts, to create it's own, beautiful, but deadly style of self-defense and unarmed combat. Masters Choi, Lee, Song, Son, Chang, Chong, Hee, Cho and Park, all contributed vast amounts of combat knowledge for their Tae Kwon Do (aka: Tae Soo Do, Tang Su Do, and Taekkyeon) project. 

Chung Do Kwan uses aspects of the following arts in it's system of movements, strikes, blocks and kicks:

​Hapkido      Hekido         Aikido          Kendo         Kempo        Judo

Shaolin Kung Fu        Gong Fu       Guong Zhao       Okinawan Te

Shotokan Karate      Shorin Ryu karate      Gorin Ryu karate

Kwon Bop   Jujitsu  Jujitso   Muay Thai    Tai Chi Chuan yang

Wing Chun            Northern Chinese Style       Mongolian Long Fist


It's up to you; don't let your age be a factor!

Aidan, age 5, learning to use his own anatomy to manage an escape from a large male attacker.


Our Self-Defense Training is tailored to each individual student, and our specialized teaching methods mean that you will learn quickly!

While most "Kid's Martial Arts Programs" are geared toward physical activity and fun games; our Kid's Classes offer fun games (designed to develop their senses and physiques) too. But - as soon as they are able to understand and follow instructions, even our 3 and 4 year-old's start learning fire safety, situational awareness, mental focus and concentration, and how to defend themselves from bullying as well as  how to escape from much more dangerous situations. 


Below: Amanda (4 months pregnant, and practicing under her doctor's permission) takes down a male attacker that had grabbed her by the throat.

Our specialized training methods recognize one serious flaw in many self-defense programs:


That seemingly obvious fact is distressingly absent from most modern US martial arts programs! In school after school that we practiced in, visited, competed against and assisted with events, we saw the same thing... EVERYONE, from the 5 year-old's, to the 65 year-old's, do the SAME EXACT self defense moves! Everywhere, in every school, from Topeka, Kansas, to Greer, South Carolina, To Newburgh, New York, to Jacksonville, Florida, to Houston, Texas, to Raleigh, North Carolina! 

That simply does not work, Your 4, 7 or even 10 year old daughter cannot complete the same moves against a 6'2", 225 lb. male attacker,  that you can!

So... What is Chung Do Kwan?

Dan putting on his first black belt, at age 47. Middle age is not a problem for us!

The moves may LOOK similar but our training system is different!

It's designed to accurately follow the original technical methodology that turned out so many effective warriors and world-famous champions in the 1950's, '60's and '70's. There's a reason why they were so good... the way they were taught!

In an easy to manage, enjoyable setting, you'll start by learning very basic (and easy to remember) steps for simple blocking and striking. Then you'll move on to learning how ot use your body's own abilities to make those blocks and strikes more effective, and quicker.

As you progress (at your own pace), you'll be introduced to more advanced techniques, and we'll help you to try them out, and help you to perfect them, one at a time. Before very long, you'll be managing moves and combinations you thought you'd never see anywhere but in an action movie!


In many programs, you might learn 3 - 5 techniques per belt cycle, (and based on what we've seen before, you'd be struggling to even do those properly).  In the schools we originally practiced in, every student learned the exact same moves, and we all learned 3 or 4 of them, every two months. Yes... MONTHS! In those systems, even a 25 year veteran Master, only had about 30-40 defensive moves 'under their belt'. And, many of the women, kids and seniors struggled to make their techniques effective, constantly having to force their bodies to do things that just didn't come naturally to them.

It was a mystery to us, how you were supposed to survive an assault anytime in the first 2 or 3 years of your practice! And for the moms and grandparents, it was scary to think about!

That's why our training system is so cool - within ONE WEEK, you will know a half dozen defensive techniques, that you can actually use confidently! And, amazingly, many of our students master the ability to effectively perform 30 or even 40 different self defense techniques before their second belt cycle!

​Even the kids!

That's why we developed our own special Intro Package Deal:

Try five full classes, for just $5.00!                

At the end of the period (about two weeks) if you're not entirely satisfied, you're free to go,  no strings, no tricks,  no sales pitch!

Asheville Self Defense Classes


What can we do for you? 

Power, flexibility, speed, endurance, balance, focus, confidence, and a lot more!

That's what!

Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, is the only authentic Chung Do Kwan school in the state of North Carolina. We are the SE US Regional HQ School for the International Jun Tong Traditional Taekwondo Federation (IJTF), and are the first school in the state, west of Winston-Salem, to meet the requirements of, and be accredited, by the IJTF. The IJTF is a worldwide non-profit,with almost 150 schools in the US and UK, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Israel, Africa and Asia.


5th Dan, Master Porter Hughes, spent 8 years in US Naval Intelligence, Special Operations; with 9 live operational deployments, overseas. He has previous training in Small Circle Jujitsu, firearms and bladed weapons, as well as Escape, Evasion and Survival. After the Navy, he spent 11 years in Corporate and Bank (armored transport) security management and training, and spent a year as an undercover investigator. He has over 16 years training in Taekwondo, and Chung Do Kwan.  In recognition of the unique and expansive program initiated in 2010, Master Hughes was inducted into the USKF Black Belt hall Of Fame, in 2016.


JKMAA has one of the few 4th Dan female Black Belt Masters in the area, on it's active roster, and
ALL of our instructors have over 8 years' experience in martial arts training. We also are unique in that our program attracts highly experienced adult Black Belts from many different arts. In fact, in the past 8 months, 4 experienced Black Belts (2nd Degree to 4th Degree Master ranks) have joined our group to further expand their training. That means that as one of our students you will have a huge resource of talent, ready at your fingertips, to help you learn!


We offer police/military quality self-defense training, competition training in various styles of TKD, Karate, and open style tournaments, and a clinically based kid's program that frequently amazes parents with how much their children learn, and how quickly!



Practicing Basic Knife Defense.

Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy is the least commercialized of all the martial arts schools in Western North Carolina. That's important; it means things work differently here. And - it's a very big deal to you,  it means you pay less (a LOT less), and you get more (a LOT more).

This isn't accidental, we founded the school for that very reason... to turn out the best martial artists we can, while taking the high dollar amounts out of the equation, so you, and we, can concentrate on doing what we do best: world class training!  So BE AWARE - we do have imitators, right down to the point of using our videos and even our name. Be sure to watch for this school patch, or you could end up paying a lot more, and getting a lot less!

It took years of effort, by a dozen individuals, to fine-tune our program, to make it work equally well for a 5 year-old boy, a teen-aged girl, a 60 year-old with bad knees, or anyone else!

We were fortunate that the team put together by Master Hughes in 2011, had the well-honed and deeply specialized experience needed, to make our program possible. It's unique to the region, and it's available to you, at a great price!

Below: Daniel and Trey practicing our quick, efficient knife defense moves, that will leave you in charge of the situation, within 3-5 seconds!

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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jujitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​

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