The fun, exciting (and very cool) art of Oh Do Kwan/Chung Do Kwan!

You may have never heard of it, but it's been around in it's purest form for over 75 years, and the classical arts it's derived from, have been around for much longer (some of them for over a thousand years).

More complete than Krav Maga or Jeet Kun Do, and easier to learn than Sistema or Tai Chi, Chung Do Kwan is actually designed to promote long life, and healthy joints. It has been clinically proven to improve blood-pressure, blood-sugar and serotonin levels, in addition to giving you better balance, endurance and focus. You'll find, after a while, that you have a new confidence in yourself, and are able to do things you never expected! And - you'll realize that you feel better than you used to!

Whether you're looking for the fast spinning, kicking and aerial work of Tae Kwon Do, the low strikes and kicks of Shotokan Karate or Shorin Ryu Karate, or the low, smooth circular movements of Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, you'll find aspects  of all those martial arts (and much more) in the true 'Old- School" style of Chung Do Kwan/Oh Do Kwan we offer!

This is such a great art, with so much to offer, that it can take many  years to master it. But, the truly great thing is that it is so well designed, that you'll be happily doing new stuff from the very first day, right up until the last!

We offer safe, fun and interesting self-defense / fitness training for all ages; from kids all the way into your retirement years! No matter what your age (or pretty much your condition, for that matter) we can offer you a great experience, at a great price!

Oh Do Kwan / Chung Do Kwan makes full use of the best and most useful techniques from all of these classical Asian martial art styles:





Jujitsu (Jujutsu)



Kwon Bop (Korean Boxing)

Okinawan Te

Shaolin Kung Fu (Southern Style, and Northern Style)

Shotokan Karate

Shorin Ryu Karate

Taekkyon (a kicking game, often mis-reported as an old fighting art)

Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style)

Northern Chinese (Mongolian) Long Fist

Wing Chun

(Muay Thai)   While not classically considered a source-art for Chung Do Kwan, you will see a number of Muay Thai moves in our art. Not too surprising, as they were possibly introduced through the Southern Style of Shaolin, centered in regions not too far removed from Muay Thai's home turf.

​Notes -

Krav Maga   (created in 1938, based on Jujitsu). 

Jeet Kun Do   (created in 1965, based on Wing Chun and Tai Chi Yang)   These two famous fighting systems share some of the same origins of Chung Do Kwan. However, Chung Do Kwan offers many additional moves not seen in them, and also features 'Hyungs' (patterns), or 'Katas', as they're called in Japanese arts. While the first two are considered 'fighting systems', Chung Do Kwan is categorized as a full, classical "style'. 




Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, is a non-commercial, traditional and formal martial arts academy. We are the Regional HQ School for the International Jun Tong Traditional Taekwondo Federation (IJTF), and Master Hughes is the Southeastern US Regional Director, for the IJTF.

The instructors at JKMAA are fully dedicated to our academy's stated mission:

To hold a reputation for consistently providing the most effective training environment, most comfortable class atmosphere and the best 1-on-1 personal mentoring we can.  And to be known, far and wide, for producing the absolute best all-round martial arts students, instructors and black belts possible!

Black Belt, beginner, lifelong practitioner or weekend warrior, whatever level you achieve with us here, will be something you can be legitimately proud of, for the rest of your life!

  • No rookie 'instructors'!  All classes are taught by adults of Internationally Certified, 2nd Dan rank or higher!
  • Small, fun classes. That means one on one, personal attention for every student... in every class!
  • NO hidden fees, NO class limits!
  • No pressure to test.
  • Lifetime, Internationally Certified Rank.
  • No expensive add-on 'club' costs. You get it all for one price!
  • Free VIP Instructor classes.
  • Free specialty classes, AND free special seminars.
  • Easy arrangements. 'No-contract', and  'breakable contract' agreements, with no penalties.
  • Great discounts on martial arts uniforms and gear, including personal at-home training supplies.
  • Access to a wide range  of competition venues you won't find with ANY OTHER martial arts school in Asheville!
  • ​You don't ever have to compete if you don't want to. However, many Jung Kwon Academy students have enjoyed successfully competing in many local, regional, State, National and International ITF, WTF, and IJTF style Taekwondo tournaments.  Our students have also successfully competed in various Shotokan Karate, Open Style Karate, Open Style Martial Arts Tournaments, and even in some Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Kuo Shu competitions!

If you are over 40... the answer to your question is "YES, you can do it!" -  3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor Dan Cook, started in his mid '40's, and has been practicing for 10 years. Laura is our newest student, she's 60-something (!) . She's having a blast, and is attending class 4 times a week! Tough girl!

Imagine earning your first black belts, as a family! That's an experience that you'll never forget, and a memory that will shape your relationships with your children for a lifetime!


5 full, regular classes - for a dollar each!

No uniform required!



Latest News-


Families that train together, are stronger, healthier and happier!

We give you special training opportunities for free: this is VIP Instructor 9th-Dan Grandmaster Robert Dunn, founder of the IJTF, and President of the IJTF from 2009-2021, teaching a class on self-defense submission moves against attackers. As you can see, even the 10-year old kids got to participate - all for free.

A message from our Head Instructor,

5th Dan Master Porter Hughes -

- First Time Beginners

- Experienced Martial Artists

- Veterans

- Your Physical/Emotional Condition Makes It Impossible For You

- Instructors. Leadership/Mentorship Training For All Ages

If you are thinking about martial arts for your first time:

If you have never practiced anywhere before, and are a total rookie, a true  beginner... We promise: you will not find a safer,  more personalized training venue, nor will you find one with better price/values, than here. There are no secrets, and no surprise costs. Our instructors are knowledgeable, humble and friendly; the atmosphere in and around the school is relaxed and fun, and we offer LOTS of freebies that will cost you big bucks, elsewhere.

And, NO ONE else offers you 5 whole classes, for a DOLLAR  A  CLASS

No uniform required, no commitment, no 'Activation/Registration' fees, no tricks, no strings! You KNOW we're doing something special, to allow you a chance like that.

​_ _ _ _ 


To those of you who have practiced at other schools, we know you have heard the claim before... 'we're different!'. We know, because we fell for it too. But I am not going to throw a sales pitch. Instead, we use evidence - photos, allowing you to talk to our existing students, and trying 5 classes here - for a dollar a class. Simply - come in and try us, for yourself. We have Color Belts and ranked Black Belts from numerous classical and modern martial arts who have all found a home here. Regardless of their background (Kempo, Shaolin, Shotokan, Shorin Ryu, Aikido, ITF TKD, WTF TKD, Hapkido, Krav Maga...) all of them have found multiple reasons to stay on here with us (sometimes for many years).

We guarantee:

- Lifetime Certified Rank, honored at every IJTF school, all over the world. 

- Professional Ranking Boards, administered by adult, Internationally           Certified Black Belt panelists. 

- Legitimate rank testings that you can be proud of ( ie, no 6 year-old   'judges', no visiting politicians or unqualified local 'celebrities'). From your   techniques, to forms to oral exams, to sparring, self-defense demos and real   board breaks... you take your training seriously, we take your test seriously. 

- Formal rank certification (even for 6-year olds).
- FULL rank testing (even for our 6-year old White Belts).

- All classes are run by 2nd Dan, or higher, adult Black Belt Instructors. Most     classes are run by 4th and 5th Dan Certified Instructors. 

- Opportunities to train with 7th, 8th and 9th Dan Masters and Grandmasters   from various arts and systems... for FREE.

- You will not have to start over at White Belt, unless you want to. We use a   system whereby after 5 classes, you and the Black belt staff discuss your   training and decide where you'll come into our system. We have excepted   many established Black Belts from numerous arts over the years, and each   has chosen their own ranking path here. You have a say in ii.                                                                                    _ _ _ _

Veterans -

I myself am a veteran, with 8 years in Naval Intelligence. Our Black Belt Staff includes several ex-Navy (sub crew, nuke tech, EOD Diver), an ex-Army MP as well as some JROTC graduates. Past and present student ranks include Air Force, Marine, Navy and Army personnel of varied backgrounds. Many of us are combat vets, and some have lifelong injuries and have suffered traumas - both physical and emotional. My own instructor is a Vietnam Vet.  

Come try us out - you may be surprised at how this program will help you recover and improve your condition and your disposition. And I often hear a lot of  'I can't do it - because I'll ...'. Guess what?  No - you won't.

Why am I being so blunt? Because you're a Veteran, and you need this - and you deserve to have it in your life. We've all been there. Some of us have jumped out of aircraft at night, fallen out of dying helicopters, nearly drowned or have been shot at so many times they can't count them. Shipboard fires at sea, unplanned explosions, air crashes, dangerous ops, you name it - one or another of us has done it too. 

Some of us carry life-long injuries from our service, and some have PTSD - flashbacks, sweats - you name it. I myself spent 29 years dealing with injuries that were not covered by the VA because my records were classified and sealed. There were many - MANY - days that I could not stand up straight, or walk upright. But I had to work, to feed and house my family - so I did. It was rough, but it had to be done. Then, in 2003 I discovered a version of old-style Chung Do Kwan/Oh Do Kwan, and in spite of my doubts, I tried it. Within a year, I was moving more easily, and within 5 years, I had recovered 75-80% of my physical abilities. And the workouts helped with my focus - and memories. All of our veterans here have had similar life-quality improvements from class. If you're willing to give it a chance - this will help you have a better life.

​​My Poor Physical Condition or Emotional Health Means I Can't Do It -


Your physical or emotional health means you NEED to do this! That's what it's for! While created to be the most lethal training system on earth, this system used long-established healthy training methods dating back hundreds of years. It is designed to prolong your life, and your functional life. It gradually strengthens your core, your joint-health, muscle and nervous system health, vison, balance and reflexes... and a hundred other things, too. And it's easy to do. Each class will add a little improvement, subtly and almost unnoticed. Then, a few weeks later, you'll suddenly notice you're faster, or your balance is better, or you can finally turn your head again. And it goes on and on. Like I said, I regained 75-80% of my lost physical abilities.

We have students and Black Belts here with RA, artifiicial joints and even artificial limbs. We have successfully re-habbed nearly a dozen martial arts practitioners who came to us with severe injuries and surgeries from other schools. One of our Black Belts has had a complete shoulder replacement - twice. We have had students who were legally blind, had Scoliosis, suffered from Vertigo, Panic Attacks, PTSD, OCD and ADD. It does not matter- if you try, you can do it. And we will help you.


To ensure proper, safe and successful training in every single class - all regular scheduled classes are taught by seasoned Black Belts who hold International Certification and are adults, of at least 18 years of age.

But they had to be certified somehow, to to be instructors here! All adults, kids and teens of senior rank do get intensive training and experience in how to be mentors and teachers, and they get lots of time to practice with actual students following their lead, and an instructor monitoring their actions. Their Leadership Training actually begins early on, after about 3 - 5 months of classes (depending on their age and abilities) they will start helping newer, younger students in class. Within a year, they will be helping to teach older students as well. As to the formal Mentorship structure - If your child is 8 or 9 years old, reaches the required rank and demonstrates the necessary attitudes, they will start the same process the adults go through. They will have every opportunity the adults have, and the progress our kids make here - often completely amazes their parents, grandparents and friends.

We do our utmost to run a drama-free, injury-free, share-the-spotlight kind of training venue. If you're at all open to learning new things, or new ways to do old things - you will find our training curriculum to be full, rich and nearly infinite in scope. The facts that: our 6-year olds learn the same things as our 66-year olds, and our students who want to compete, do so in 10 different arts - are just a glimpse into how different we really are.

​Your opportunities here are literally wide-open!

Come in and visit, to see for yourself!

Porter Hughes, 5th Dan

Master Instructor

​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville


Over the past few months we have been growing; 4 new, experienced adult Black Belts have decided to join our academy. These new staff members, have between them over 39 years of training in Judo, Shotokan Karate, Jujitsu, Kempo plus various styles of Taekwondo and Kung Fu. 

We're honored that they have chosen Jung Kwon Academy to further their training (some, after looking for a school for over a year) and help us promote the best martial arts style in the world!

Black Belt Hall of Fame

Update: 5, yes, that's FIVE members of our Black Belt staff, have been inducted into the USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame this past cycle!

That makes 6 total HOF Awards for our staff over the past few years! Award presentations will be happening soon!


The new class schedule is posted on this page, and elsewhere, on the 'Contacts' page. We have added an Open-Mat session on Mondays, a new afternoon class on Thursdays, and a Tai Chi program!

TAI CHI CHUAN! Sessions will be taught by Black Belt Instructor Mark Gill, who has trained in Chinese, Japanese and Korean arts.

Monday -         5:30PM

Saturday -       10:30AM

This Tai Chi program is different! Mr. Gill teaches in a calm and supportive style that helps you get up and moving sooner - without the stress of having to make every move perfect right away. You'll get lots of calm, supportive feedback - with no pressure!



Daytime Sessions -

Monday -      3:30PM Open-Mat Time

Tuesday -     3:00PM

Thursday -    4:00PM

Saturday -     1:00PM

Evening Sessions -

Tuesday -                        6:00PM

Wednesday -                   6:00PM

Thursday -                       6:00PM

Tai Chi Sessions -

Monday -                          5:30PM

​Saturday -       10:30AM



PLEASE NOTE:  WE are the ORIGINAL, Asheville Self Defense  you're looking for! So how do you know you've got the right place... that you've found US?

We have THE BEST price/values in the region, with NO hard contracts!

Our awesome, red, white and gold tiger patch!

Our $5 Introductory Offer (5 full classes for $1 a class!)

That huge, thick, soft sage colored mat (it's the only one like it in the WNC!)

Our Free VIP classes, Free Special Classes and Free Seminars!

Our Free Competition Training and Free Competition Team Support!

We do NOT sell you expensive add-on "CLUB" memberships - that 'Black Belt' training and 'Masters' Training they want $400 for? We offer it for FREE!

So when you're shopping around, just ask a few questions... you'll know pretty quick if it's not us you're talking to!

You take your training seriously, so you deserve to have your rank testing taken seriously too. We put some real firepower on our Promotion Boards! The panel for the day consisted of two 9th-Dan Grandmasters, a 5th-Dan Master, 2 4th-Dan Masters and a 3rd-Dan Senior Instructor. With us, your Lifetime Certified Rank carries some real impact!

Prepare your Teen FOR life in College, Far From Home!


Congratulations to our newest Black-Belt ranks!

On April 16, with 9th Dan Grandmaster Robert Dunn and 9th Dan Grandmaster Wayne Kirby sitting on the test panel, Craig Kelberg tested for 2nd Dan, and Daniel Francis tested for 3rd Dan.  As per the judges, they both did fantastic work, leaving our VIP guests very impressed. Great work!

​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ taekwondo

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