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​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  


​​​Why we're different-:

VIP Guest Instructor's:

We were pleased to host 9th Dan Robert Dunn, president of the IJTF, and 8th Dan, Louis Radiccione, Vice president of the IJTF, for a competition sparring seminar, which was offered, for free, to our students. 

The 90-minute seminar was free for all our member-students! Both men spent many years, successfully competing in championship tournaments all over the country. They've trained with such masters as Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace, Chuck Norris and Joe Louis.

Having them here was a real treat!

Martial Arts Schools

 Fast, effective, easy  to learn self-defense

Here's the best indication of what kind of competition training we offer you. A chance photo, taken in June, 2015, at a (free) competition training session. And in it: three Gold and Silver Medalists from three different upcoming State and National-level events! Note: the girls are 10, and 11!

BESt prices, easy arrangements!

The fun, exciting (and very cool) art of Chung Do Kwan!

You may have never heard of it, but it's been around in it's purest form for over 70 years, and the classical arts it's derived from, have been around for much longer (some of them for over a thousand years).

More complete than Krav Maga or Jeet Kun Do, and easier to learn than Sistema or Tai Chi, Chung Do Kwan is actually designed to promote long, healthy joint-life, and has been clinically proven to improve blood-pressure, blood-sugar and serotonin levels, in addition to giving you better balance, endurance and focus. You'll find, after a while, that you have a new confidence in yourself, and are able to do things you never expected! And - you'll realize that you feel better than you used to!

Whether you're looking for the fast spinning, kicking and aerial work of Tae Kwon Do, the low strikes and kicks of Shotokan Karate or Shorin Ryu Karate, or the low, smooth circular movements of

Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, you'll find aspects  of all those martial arts (and much, much more) in the true 'Old- School" style of Chung Do Kwan we offer!

Chung Do Kwan utilizes the joint-locks of Jujitsu and Aikido, the sweeps and throws of Judo, and the intricate blocking of Wing Chun! It draws heavily from the hand, arm and leg techniques of Hapkido and Hekido, as well as the best moves from Kwon Bop and Northern Mongolian Long Fist. Okinawan Te and Kendo were also original sources for some of the moves you'll learn here, and you'll see moves from Muay Thai as well. Practicing with us at Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville will open up a whole new world of martial arts, fitness and self-defense training for you to enjoy!

This is such a great art, with so much to offer, that it can take many  years to master it. But, the truly great thing is that it is so well designed, that you'll be happily doing new stuff from the very first day!

Visit us to see just what this great and unique art offers. It's a great way to spend a couple hours a week!

We offer safe, fun and interesting self-defense and fitness training for men, women, teens and children, of all ages; from 3 or 4 years old, all the way into your retirement years! No matter what your age (or pretty much your condition, for that matter) we can offer you a great experience, at a great price!

First offered in 1944, and then expanded during the 1950's, Chung Do Kwan makes full use of the best and most useful techniques from all of these classical Asian martial art styles:





Jujitsu (Jujutsu)



Kwon Bop (Korean Boxing)

Okinawan Te

Shaolin Kung Fu (Southern Style, and Northern Style)

Shotokan Karate

Shorin Ryu Karate

Taekkyon (a kicking game, often mis-reported as an old fighting art)

Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style)

Northern Chinese (Mongolian) Long Fist

Wing Chun

(Muay Thai)   While not classically considered a source-art for Chung Do Kwan, you will see a number of Muay Thai moves in our art. Not too surprising, as they were possibly introduced through the Southern Style of Shaolin, centered in regions not too far removed from Muay Thai's home turf.

Krav Maga   (created in 1938, based on Jujitsu) 

Jeet Kun Do   (created in 1965, based on Wing Chun and Tai Chi Yang)   These two famous fighting systems share some of the same origins of Chung Do Kwan. However, Chung Do Kwan offers many additional moves not seen in them, and also features 'Hyungs' (patterns), or 'Katas', as they're called in Japanese arts. While the first two are considered 'fighting systems', Chung Do Kwan is categorized as a full, classical "style'. 

​Lots of goings-on here lately! During the late Winter months we held a Free Competition Seminar for all students, with 9th Dan GM Robert Dunn and 8th Dan Master Louis Radicione leading; during the Spring we held a free VIP seminar for senior belts, with 9th Dan GM Robert Dunn, and 7th Dan Master Wayne Kirby leading; and this Summer we're going to do another! Also free for our members!

Most recently, Tom Griffin and Trace Harwell competed at the 2017 North Carolina State Games. They came home with 8 Gold Medals between them!

Black Belt Hall of Fame

Master Hughes was inducted into the US Kido Black Belt Hall of Fame, 2016 this past weekend. Altogether, 22 individuals from all over the US were inducted this year, including two 9th Dan Grandmasters, and several 7th and 8th Dan Senior Masters. Master Hughes is both humbled and honored to be included in this group of great, and influential martial arts professionals!

Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, is the only authentic Chung Do Kwan school in all of Western North Carolina. We are the Regional HQ School for the International Jun Tong Traditional Taekwondo Federation (IJTF), and are the only school in the state, west of Winston-Salem, to meet the requirements of, and be accredited, by the IJTF.

The instructors at JKMAA are fully dedicated to our academy's stated mission:

To hold a reputation for faithfully and consistently providing the most effective training environment, most comfortable class atmosphere and the best 1-on-1 personal mentoring we can.  And to be known, far and wide, for producing the absolute best all-round martial arts students, instructors and black belts possible!

Black Belt, beginner, lifelong practitioner or weekend warrior, whatever level you achieve with us here, will be something you can be legitimately proud of, for the rest of your life!

  • No rookie 'instructors'!  All classes are taught by adults of Internationally Certified, 2nd Dan or higher, rank!
  • Small, fun classes. That means one on one, personal attention for every student... in every class!
  • NO hidden fees, NO class limits!
  • No pressure to test.
  • Lifetime, Internationally Certified Rank.
  • No expensive add-on 'club' costs. You get it all for one price!
  • Free VIP Instructor classes.
  • Free specialty classes, AND free special seminars.
  • Easy arrangements. 'No-contract', and  'breakable contract' agreements, with no penalties.
  • Great discounts on martial arts uniforms and gear, including at-home training supplies.
  • Access to a wide range  of competition venues you won't find with ANY OTHER martial arts school in Asheville!
  • ​You don't ever have to compete if you don't want to. However, many Jung Kwon Academy students have enjoyed successfully competing in many local, regional, State, National and International ITF, WTF, and IJTF style Taekwondo tournaments.  Our students have also successfully competed in various Shotokan Karate, Open Style Karate, Open Style Martial Arts Tournaments, and even in some Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Kuo Shu competitions!

Imagine earning your first black belts, as a family! That's an experience that you'll never forget, and a memory that will shape your relationships with your children for a lifetime!

It's a deeply affecting life-event; more meaningful than a trip to a resort or a vacation could ever be!

high quality programs for kids ages 4/5 and up!

international level award-winning training

Latest News-


Families that train together, are stronger, healthier and happier!