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​​​​​​​​Jung Kwon Martial Arts Asheville  

​​​​If you want to train in karate, kung fu, hapkido, Te, jiu jitsu or other arts - CDK has them all! It is the most complete martial arts training program ever devised!​​​ taekwondo

Your age and physical condition are almost irrelevant! Give our program a try, you may be amazed at what you'll be able to accomplish!

Martial Arts Schools

martial arts schools

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​​​​​​So how does this all work; how do I get started?

It's simple, easy and quick! Just call, email or text us and arrange to come in for a visit. You can watch a class, talk to any of the students you'd like to and get a quick, free intro for you or your entire family.

Do I need to have money with me, to come in?

No! Lots of people come to visit first, to check things out. You will not get a sales pitch, you won't be rushed or pressured. We never push people to join, we want you to be entirely happy with it all, up front. So we guarantee: no hidden fees, no add-on costs, no bait-and-switch tactics. 

When can I come in?

We welcome visitors at any time. We're always here for about 20-30 minutes before and after every class. All we ask is that you let us know you're coming by, in case someone else is visiting too. That way we can have extra help on hand to make sure you get the attention you deserve. 

Is this expensive?

Absolutely not! At Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, we pride ourselves on being the regional leader in a new concept: We set out, from the beginning, with the intention of offering folks better access to world-class training, international competition venues, and a staff of fully certified, intensely trained adult Black Belt instructors, all at a good, basic price, with no traps.

The absolute MOST you can ever pay here, is $95 per month! And that's for an open-ended session, with unlimited classes, and all the free bennies we offer! With a 1, 2 or 3 year (Breakable, no penalties) contract, you will pay even less than that! And our Family Plans are the best price-value in the County, hands down!

Do I need a uniform?

Yes, once you are a regular member. We wear authorized traditional workout uniforms in class for several reason: they're made differently then your street clothes and won't get damaged; they ensure a safe co-ed environment, and your uniform actually identifies what school you belong to, and even what art you practice. But, no worries!  We offer pro middleweight training uniforms at a great price: about 35% off retail!

What if I already have a uniform, can I use it?

Possibly. Different styles of martial arts use different types and colors of uniforms, and many have different kinds of embroidery or silk-screening on the back. Bring it with you so we can check it out.

I'm a little worried, is this martial art hard to do?

NO! Our youngest student just turned 4, and our oldest is over 60! One of our students came to us with a recent, serious shoulder injury (post surgery), and another joined while undergoing physical therapy for nerve damage in his feet. Some of our students deal with Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, Aspergers' and even MS. 

We specifically tailor each person's training to their own physical capabilities and condition. You can do class right next to everyone else, and feel comfortable in what you're doing and how you're progressing. And if you want to challenge yourself, say, to lose weight, build muscle or improve your endurance and flexibility... don't worry! Your training will change gradually, as your body does, pretty soon, you'll be doing things you never thought were possible!

There's a contract, right?

Not if you don't want one! We do contracted and non-contracted arrangements, and, anyway, all our contracts are breakable with a 60-day written notice! Like we said, EASY!

Do I have to join any add-on clubs if I'm in Jung Kwon Academy?


"Clubs" such as "Black Belt Club", "Master's Club", "Tournament Club/Team", "Instructor's Club", "Demonstration Team", and so on, are a modern sales-tool... and nothing else. So people pay extra to get a class with the Master of the school, or they pay extra to get a special class once a month, or maybe a seminar once a year, or to do weekly classes with Black Belts. Not here.

They didn't exist in the traditional schools, and we don't have them here. You pay one price - and you get everything for that price! All VIP Instructor classes are FREE. All IJTF/JTF sponsored seminars are FREE. All special classes, taught by professional martial arts friends of ours from around the world, are FREE.

Remember that word - "FREE" - it's only here, and it's only from us!

Is Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, accredited or certified in any way?


JKMAA is the WNC Regional Headquarters School for the International Jun Tong Traditional Taekwondo Federation (IJTF). We hold a Certification from the IJTF, issued by 9th Degree Grand

 Master Robert Dunn, president of the IJTF. Our own Master Hughes is the Regional Director for the IJTF, for Western North Carolina.

The IJTF oversees nearly 100 member schools in 14 countries, all over the world and on every continent. There are over 350 Certified Black Belts in the IJTF, and many, many of them have been active in various martial arts around the world for as long as 50-60 years! Jung Kwon Academy Asheville is the only martial arts school in Western North Carolina to meet the training standards required by the IJTF, and we are accredited through it. 

Besides being a fully Certified Master Instructor, Master Hughes is also a 2016 inductee into the USKF Black Belt Hall Of Fame. Master Hughes was recognized by 9th Degree Grand Master Jeff Helaney and the senior members on the USKF HOF screening board as being the head of the one, sole  'old-school, traditional Chung Do Kwan TKD academy in the State of North Carolina'.

On top of that, JKMAA has one of the very few female 4th Degree Master Instructors in all of Western North Carolina on it's staff, and is the only regional school to guarantee in writing, that all classes are taught by, and all ranking panels are presided over by, adult, 2nd Degree Black Belts,or higher!

All belt ranks issued by Jung Kwon Martial Arts Academy Asheville, are lifetime-certified ranks.

I'm worried that I am too old, or too stiff, or maybe I just can't do this. What can your program do for me?

For starters, if you're older, or have past injuries, consider this: Master Hughes suffered several debilitating injuries during his military service (to name a few, 3 compressed discs, torn ligature that wasn't treated in time and healed improperly, and pinched nerves that cause periodic numbness and pain in one shoulder and one leg), all of which which affect him on and off, for several months out of the year.

He credits his Chung Do Kwan martial arts practice with healing or reversing about 75% of the chronic pain issues, and for resolving 80-90% of his range-of-motion limitations. Additionally, his blood pressure has regulated itself to nearly 'textbook perfect' (by Doctor's diagnosis) for the past 12 years.

Prior to taking up traditional martial arts practice, he suffered pain and movement limitations on an almost daily basis, and in spite of trying many years' worth of accupuncture, massage therapy, dynamic stretching, chiropractic treatment and even Reiki treatments, had found little relief over the years, since leaving the US Navy.

His wife, Master Malinee Hughes, has early stage RA in her ankle and knee joints, and her fingers and wrists. Their oldest son - Michael Hughes (3rd Dan) has chronic life-threatening asthma, and their younger son - David Hughes (3rd Dan) suffered back injuries in an auto accident in the early 2000's. All of them practice regularly, and all of them agree, emphatically, that practicing 'Old-School' Chung Do Kwan has worked wonders for their physical abilities, strength and endurance. 

Many of our students have come to us over the years with physical issues that they thought might preclude them ever being able to practice. Some of them are Black Belts now!

On top of that... Master Hughes is 64, and Mrs. Hughes is 65! Age is irrelevant!

So, if you're over 35, and feeling a little slower, stiffer and less energetic than you used to be; or if you've suffered physical injuries/surgeries that have impacted your range of motion or your ability to enjoy life - this program could be the cure for you!

What our program may do for you: below, Master Hughes demonstrates in the first 3 photos how

our program can influence your physiological development, or even effect beneficial physical rehabilitation, for you. - almost regardless of your age! In photo 4, Mrs, Hughes takes over, to show the same is true for women as well.

Photo 1: Power and strength - demonstrating a power break with an open-hand technique: striking four 1-inch thick pine boards, held by a large team of fellow students (necessary for such a heavy duty break).  

Photo 2: Flexibility - kicking over the head, during a belt testing for another (and much younger!) black belt candidate.

Photo 3: Speed - performing a 'Speed Break', targeting, hitting and breaking a 1-inch thick pine board in free fall (dropped by a student for the demonstration). Look closely, you can just see the board falling (in two pieces), but the arm is moving so fast, it's almost invisible!

Photo 4: Mrs. Hughes demonstrating a Hapkdio-style take-down during a Promotional  Belt  Testing. Not bad for being into her 8th year of suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Photo 5: Dan Cook, who started in his mid-40's, has been practicing for over 8 years.Our newest student, Laura, is over 60, she started last month, and has been doing 4 classes a week!

Our program is designed so that each person is able  to develop and progress in their own way, at their own pace. It's important to remember this: when he was 35, Master Hughes had been told that by several different doctors that by the age of 50, he wouldn't be able to work anymore!